Throughout musical history, there have been many famous brother acts. Within that genre, the Millard Bros. fall far closer to the Avetts and Everlys than the Jonases or Hansons. With the rich vocal harmonies that are unique to siblings, the Millard Bros. play a variety of covers spanning seven decades.

Their story began nearly 30 years ago when two brothers began acquiring musical influences from far and wide, generating their own sound in the family attic.  Over time, tastes and talents percolated separately as Tom drove the beat for Chicago acts Zapruder Point, Pens, and The Boy with Perpetual Nervousness and John developed a reputation as a solo cover performer throughout central North Carolina.  In 2008, they both found themselves back in their home state of Ohio -- Tom in Cincinnati and John in Columbus.  It wouldn't be long before they entertained the notion of rekindling the sounds of that attic once again.

At a Millard Bros. show, you'll hear a couple of voices, a guitar or two, inventive percussion, and a harmonica. No tricks, no loops, no AutoTune. You might be asked to sing or play as well.  The crowd drives the set list, and requests are always welcome.

©John Millard Music 2011, except for sounds on the demo, which are clearly well-known covers.